Film & Animation

We create rich, meaningful stories that bring brands, products and services to life.

We have a dedicated crew of multi-skilled video production specialists who offer creative solutions to whatever your video challenges may be. We have all the latest cutting-edge filmmaking equipment, our 8k cameras can capture beautiful super slow-motion, our FPV drone gives a unique perspective and we are fully licensed to fly our bigger drones externally too.

We have a full spectrum of sound and lighting equipment too. We have the capacity to capture beautiful content for every channel, on every shoot, in even the most demanding environments.

You don’t need any experience in commissioning video before, we’re happy to take the lead and guide you through the video production process from start to finish. We understand that your company has unique challenges, so we work with you to identify your audience, enabling your video to speak directly to your customers and engage across social media.

Our process is proven to deliver results for our clients.


It all starts with an idea. We research, throw concepts around, mix things up and sketch things out until we are confident that the idea is not only fully formed, but also exactly right for the objectives of the project.


Our talented writers will transform your content into a script that’s ready for video. We can write your entire script for you, or simply recommend amendments to your existing script.


Where we bring your script to life, scene by scene with a considered blend of creativity and vision. This stage gives your script a true level of depth and another chance to review content.


Our crew is equipped with all the latest technology to capture your film in the most creative ways. Our 8k cameras can capture beautiful super slow-motion, our FPV drone gives a unique POV and we are fully licensed to fly our bigger drones too.

Sound Design

We partner with the best artists in the business across sound design, voiceover recording and music, so that your film not only looks the part, but also sounds brilliant too.


You can sit back and relax. It's time for us to work our magic and bring everything together, lovingly handcrafting your masterpiece!

The incredible clients we work with love us, it’s why they come back time and time again.

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